Welcome to CDETB Curriculum Development Unit's learning hub … supporting teachers for over forty years.

The CDETB Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) is a support organisation within CDETB, which works in partnership with CDETB Head Office and CDETB Schools, Colleges and Centres to support a co-ordinated approach to CPD. The CDU supports staff as essential contributors to the development of a flourishing learning community in CDETB and in the broader national and international educational community. This is achieved through initiating, developing, exchanging, implementing, supporting or managing educational initiatives, projects and support services.


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Latest news

  • 30 May, 10:31
    Eva Hornung
    Dr. Anton Trant, founder of the CDU, on outdoor education more...
  • 25 Apr, 14:28
    Eva Hornung
    CDETB joins the Consumer Classroom team in Paris to help to give a new impulse to the project www.consumerclassroom.eu more...
  • 4 Apr, 15:28
    Eva Hornung
    Epathways Project more...
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